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This Faith Neptune model is based upon Patrick James Eggle's highly acclaimed 'Saluda' shape.

A Baby-Jumbo size with a 16" lower bout, the Neptune is the perfect model for those seeking acoustic power without the physical bulk of a full-sized Jumbo

The Spruce top and Mahogany body of each of the Faith Naked instruments is 100% solid tonewood – in keeping with all other Faith series. However, the cosmetics and non-essential dressing has been stripped away, leaving the guitars in their natural, Naked state. Satin finished all over, the tonewood is almost entirely unrestricted in its resonant movement, so the tone delivered is far beyond what is normally expected at this price level.

All Naked guitars are now supplied with a padded Faith Gigbag

More Information
Top Wood Solid Engelmann Spruce (2 Stage Satin)
Back Wood Solid Indonesian Mahogany (2 Stage Satin)
Side Wood Solid Indonesian Mahogany (2 Stage Satin)
Binding N/A
Bracing Material Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Bracing Pattern Patrick James Eggle X-Brace Design
Neck Mahogany
Neck Finish Satin
Neck Joint Patrick James Eggle Bolt-On Design
Fingerboard Indonesian Ebony (2017 models onwards - until Dec 2016, Solid Rosewood)
Fingerboard Radius 16"
Fingerboard Inlays Mother of Pearl 'F' at 12th Fret
Rosette 2mm Abalone
Machine Head Faith Precision Chrome
Trussrod 2 Way
Nut / Saddle NuBone (LC6116)/(LC9110)
Nut Width Nut 43mm / String Spacing 55mm
Bridge Indonesian Ebony
Bridge Pins Ebony with Ablone Dots
Finish Type 2 Stage Satin all over
Upper Bout 298mm
Lower Bout 405mm
Depth at Neck 105mm
Depth at Base 116mm
Body Length 510mm
Soundhole Diameter 100mm
Scale Length 650mm
"The guitar is stunning, absolutely stunning. It sounds beautiful, plays like a dream, and feels like a part of me after only a week."

United Kingdom
on 27/03/2020
"Absolutely fantastic! I'm blown away by the user friendly neck profile and tone.
Played like a dream straight from the box.
A great british triumph, and hidden gem. I wish I had heard of Faith Guitars sooner."

United Kingdom
on 14/04/2020
"So good I bought another Faith. "

United Kingdom
on 20/09/2018
"I got a good one! Tried one on display which was inferior to a Taylor I tried - sounded "dull". The one that I purchased out of the box sounded very much better and was on a par with the Taylor. I'm 69 and started taking lessons so no expert. I'm really enjoying playing it. Nice jumbo frets - my fingers are a bit wider than aveage apparently."

United Kingdom
on 28/01/2020
"Obviously finished to very fine tolerances. A high quality instrument. Extremely playable with a very comfortable neck. Beautiful clear tone and excellent volume and projection. Responds well dynamically to different picking and strumming styles. A joy to own and play! Thank you Faith."

United Kingdom
on 11/01/2020
"I've always loved the look of the guitar, but the action was always a little high. After a proper set up 3 months ago it is now my favourite."

United Kingdom
on 15/06/2016
"Awesome! Years ago, I had a gorgeous unlaquered mahogany guitar (another big name brand) but ever since selling it I wanted something that was equally as stunning as it.
I found Faith as I researched and the minute I played this, its felt like "MY" guitar. I'd come home. In between first seeing it and buying it, I managed to talk my Dad into buying a Venus Bloodmoon! So definitely sold on the quality build of Faith guitars."

United Kingdom
on 16/08/2019
"Fantastic action and has a lovely round, clear tone"

on 01/05/2018
"Only need one Phrase....."Fabulous""

on 19/04/2019
"Love the sound and the minimal but handsome finish. I'm a complete beginner and am very much looking forward to learning to play this fine instrument."

United Kingdom
on 14/04/2019
"Fabulous guitar with great sound and beautiful finish!"

Ugiagbe Junior 
United Kingdom
on 21/03/2019
"I just bought it today, but it seems great! "

United States of America
on 05/04/2019
"I love how the instrument feels alive in your hands, I can feel the resonance and projection, the cedar top produces a mellow and characterful tone and lovely natural harminics and overtones if you allow the notes to sing. I've noticed a big difference in having the compensated bridge saddle, the intonation stays true all the way up the fretboard."

United Kingdom
on 02/01/2019
"I like it."

United States of America
on 08/02/2019
"Beautiful guitar and very well made. Strongly recommend purchasing a good case for the named range "

United Kingdom
on 29/12/2018
"beautful sound. "

United Kingdom
on 19/01/2019

on 19/01/2019
"Amazing look and sound which is sure to develop with playing"

United Kingdom
on 18/01/2019
"So far, very nice. Good tone and easy to play. Overall the finishing is good - there is a small sanding mark on the side of the neck where it joins the body, so technically this is a factory second guitar."

on 04/01/2019

United Kingdom
on 07/01/2019
"OUT OF THE BOX , A LITTLE TUNING REQUIRED, BUT NOW ITS SPOT ON, Will leave it to acclimatise for a day or so. Its lighter than my Taylor but is actually nicer to play. Action a little high but that's easy to sort "

United Kingdom
on 18/12/2018
"Having played it all afternoon I think the quality, along with the sound, is excellent. For the price I couldn't find anything better."

United Kingdom
on 25/11/2018
"Honestly ... too soon to tell. The build quality seems fine and I like the simplicity of the Naked Series ... which was what attracted me to the guitar in store. I haven't gigged it amplified yet, so I've no idea about the electric sound in a bigger venue. Acoustically, it sounds good ... but I might try a lighter gauge of string for the kind of material that I mostly play."

United Kingdom
on 28/08/2018
"Having spent a few months with my FKNE, I love it more and more each day. It is easy to play, and it absolutely sings. It easily sounds just as good as guitars three times the price. The satin finish is beautiful, as is the overall simplicity of the design. "

United Kingdom
on 06/03/2018
"Great guitar for the price. The tone, quality of workmanship & aesthetic are spot on. Kudos to the folks at Faith. Keep it up!!"

on 25/05/2018
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