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· The standard delivery charge is $99.00 USD to any US or Canadian address.

  • Your guitar will be delivered by FedEx or UPS.

· We will advise you of your tracking number when despatched by email, and via your online account.

· You will be able to track your delivery through the shipping company’s website.

· To addresses in the USA or Canada, we would expect arrival within 14 days of despatch, but once the guitar leaves the UK, it will enter the US or Canadian customs clearance system through Fedex. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to clear customs depending upon their current workload. You will recieve updates from the Fedex delivery system about the current status. 

· When received and signed for, you must notify the delivery driver of any damage to the packaging. If the goods are damaged in transit, you must notify us within 48hours.


Items Damaged in Transit.

· Please carefully inspect all items and do not sign for your package unless you are completely satisfied it has arrived in good condition. If you are unable to inspect your package, add a note alongside your signature to say that the item has not been inspected.

· If you believe your item(s) have been damaged in transit, please contact us within 48 hours to let us know. If you can see the item has not arrived in good condition, sign for the goods as "DAMAGED". This is imperative, as goods signed for without comment cannot be claimed for.

How will your guitar arrive:

Your new Faith Guitar would have been checked and given a pre-delivery inspection by our techs prior to shipping. This is to ensure that the guitar arrives in a playable condition. However, sometimes due to climatic conditions, the tonewoods on guitars will move in transit. These movements may result in your guitar requiring a setup in your local environment.

Your guitar will naturally require regular maintenance throughout its life but will more than reward you for it. If your guitar has a manufacturing fault, then we will help to address this with you. However, guitars do need maintenance, especially after climatic changes, and may well have been affected by 2 or 3 weeks in a US / Canadian Customs warehouse. We cannot be responsible for this, and your guitar may need additional setup work when it arrives with you. 

Your Warranty on your Guitar

Your warranty is non-transferable. Therefore it is only valid for the original purchaser.

Your Warranty is held by contract of sale. Therefore, if you purchased your guitar direct from Faith Guitars in the UK, then your warranty is with Faith Guitars / Barnes & Mullins in the UK.
If you purchased your guitar from a retail store in the USA or Canada (or anywhere else), then your warranty is held with that retailer, and they should be your first point of contact. They are obliged to assist in the warranty claim process.
As a general rule, your warranty resides with the physical company from which you purchased the product.

Your Warranty Terms:

Firstly, please register your guitar here.

Your Faith guitar has a Manufacturer-Issued 12 Month Warranty that covers manufacturing faults of both the instrument and any Electronics fitted.

  • Your warranty does NOT cover setups or general maintenance of your guitar, including but not limited to: Fret Dressing, Neck adjustments and nut or saddle adjustments.
  • Your warranty does NOT cover damage to your guitar caused misuse; accidental damage or climatic conditions . (We always recommend using a Humdifier or Humidity Regulator. You can read more about our advice on ‘Humidity and Your Guitar’, here.)

If your guitar is within its warranty period, you will not have to pay to have it collected, repaired and delivered back to you.

If your guitar is outside of its warranty period, charges for parts, labour and delivery will apply. We will advise you of any charges before going ahead with your repair.
Spare parts are available to purchase from https://store.faithguitars.com

How we will deal with a Fault:

· Please do not ship a guitar back to us without warning.

  • Please email returns@faithguitarsUSA.com or use our contact form, giving all relevant information. Please give us a full explanation of any and all faults that you experience.

· We will endeavour to find a solution to your issue before initiating a return.

· Where possible, we may ask that you return your guitar to a local Faith retailer in your country or state. We can then manage the repair with that retailer.

· If a guitar that was purchased direct from Faith Guitars needs to be returned to the UK, we will issue you with a Returns Number, and speak to you to discuss the process.

· We will endeavour to rectify the problem and repair your guitar within 3 weeks of receipt.

· You will deal with one of our customer service team in our UK offices throughout the entire process.


Packaging of goods to be returned

Please keep hold of all the original packaging until you are sure you want to keep the goods , as an additional charge may be made if you wish to return items without the original packaging after 14 days from delivery. Please note, all guitars MUST be returned in their original hardcase, if supplied.

If you do not have all of the original packaging but wish to return goods, all items must be placed in a sturdy cardboard box with appropriate packaging material to protect and stop the item moving around in order to prevent the item getting scratched or damaged.
If you’re not sure about how to pack a guitar, please let us know.

We cannot accept responsibility for any item that is damaged due to insufficient packaging, and your return or refund may be refused if the item is not packaged correctly.


Cancelling an Online order

You have up to 14 days from receiving your online order to cancel it as laid out in UK and EU law.
If you are returning the guitar, but the guitar is NOT faulty, you are responsible for return shipping charges. We are also able to collect the guitar and deduct the cost of this return shipping from the refunded amount.

If you'd like to cancel your order, please include the information requested below and send to returns@faithguitarsUSA.com

We reserve the right to offer only a partial refund if the goods you are returning have been damaged, devalued or used in a way that would otherwise not be deemed reasonable or normal.
Your refund will be for the cost of the instrument itself but will NOT include a refund of any shipping charge.

Please supply the following information:

  • Item to be returned:
  • Proof of Purchase / Copy of receipt
  • Order Number:
  • Date of Order:
  • Date Received:
  • Your Name, Address and full contact Details:
  • A reason for return: (optional)

(This is to comply with Distance Selling regulations in the United Kingdom and does not apply to in-person purchases from retail stores.)


What we do when an order is cancelled:

Once the goods are returned, they will be inspected within five working days to ensure you have taken reasonable care of them during your possession, and everything that we originally sent to you has been returned.

Please note that re-stocking charges may be applied if goods are not received in new condition and with appropriate packaging.

If you have requested a refund, this will be processed within 10 working days of receiving your goods and will be refunded in the same way that you originally paid.

Special Offers / Voucher Codes:

Sometimes special offers or voucher codes are issued for use with this website. We do not guarantee their effectiveness and we reserve the right to remove or amend these offers or voucher codes whenever deemed appropriate or necessary.

Product Reviews Policy

During the product registration procedure, we ask for Faith Guitar owner’s reviews and ratings.
We will publish both positive and negative reviews that are objective, inoffensive and provide useful information about a product to potential customers. We have the right to not publish reviews that do not offer useful information or contain spam. We will also reject reviews that are not focused on the product that the review is concerning. Other reasons for not publishing a review may include the use of profanities, politically-motivated or discriminatory statements, and unqualified or unfair statements regarding a product, a manufacturer or Faith Guitars as a whole.

If you would like to make a comment regarding our customer service, please inform us via the Contact Page and not in a product review.

Website Disclaimer:

It is our aim to keep all information on this website correct, however we do not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the material on this website. We reserve the right to make changes to the material on this website or to products and prices described in the site, at any time without notice. The material on this website may be out of date, and we make no commitment to update such material.

If you have any suggestions or comments on how you think we could improve this page, please email us using the contact form.

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